Tesla Tour Videos

Submarine Riders. Yes. Tesla's Really Do Drive Underwater

Learning to Drive a Self Driving Car. It's Just Automatic Really! 

You Can Charge This Car From a Standard Wall Socket? WHAT! Engineers Love Tesla!

Guiness Book of Records - Shortest Uber Ride Ever  (100m)

Oh Jesus! Why Doesn't Everyone Have a Car Like This?

You Guys Are Why I Drive For Uber

Thank You For Giving Me That Tesla Experience. Pure Heartfelt Emotion

Dancing the Tesla Tango. Shows Why Petrol Cars are SO Last Century

Size Doesn't Matter for a Beefcake in a Tesla. Bigger on the Inside, & Comfy!

Another $200 Luxury Special Uber Ride. And Worth It.

Dancing Queens Need More Tesla in Their Life. This is the Coolest Car EVER!

Big Boys Raining Men

Beautiful Australian Kangaroos Race a Tesla

Terrified Passenger
Screams STOP STOP!!

Dominic Cooper Enjoys RAWHIDE with his Dad!

Casino Boys
Know How to Party

Cheap Uber Ride. The $200 Luxury Special

GoPro Cameras Record Changing Hearts & Minds to Clean Air EV's

They Were So Happy to Ride a Tesla. It's My Job to Share It! 

Body Slam by Tesla - Sends Annie into Hyperspace!
God My Stomach!

Ian and Friends Experience the Future. It's NOW!

Cheeky Uber Upgrades UberX Passenger to Tesla Luxury for Free!

Gentleman John Discovers
High G-Forces

Teslas are Bigger on the Inside. But HOW?

Two Young Butterflies Dancing in the Tesla

Hairdressers Taste the Future with Tesla

Oh My God It's Driving By Itself! Gold. This is Just GOLD!

Byron Bay Yuppies Step Up to Tesla Town. They Want To Stay!

Tipsy Mum's Leave All Night Rave 7am, But Kids Carry On!

Boy and His Grandparents Enjoy Riding in Style

Tesla Conversation Duel. Who Draws First?

The Face You Make When Totally Freaked By Hyperspace

Nearly Falling Out of a Moving Tesla

Thank You for Talking Us Into Buying a Tesla. We Want One NOW!

Ludicrous Acceleration Tears Out Passenger Earrings

BABE! This Tesla HAS to be Our Wedding Car!

This is Amazing! As Said No Less Than 13 times. (+Why Do You Use A Tesla For Uber?)

Gay Mardi Gras

Hyperspace Smiles for Danielle

Yorick Drools Over His Tesla Treat. Learns EV's Don't Smell

Drive Famous Talent to Perform at Big Stadium, But Dissing their Handshake. Oops. Sorry!

Bartenders Night Just Became Teslariffic!

Tesla. As Seen on TV! A Personal Mission to Promote & Save Lives

He's Driving Hands-Free? Oh My GOD. You're kidding me. The Tesla Batmobile Flies!

All I Want For Christmas Is a Tesla

Gentleman John Discovers High
G-Forces in a Tesla

Bad Uber Drivers Hit People With Their Car By Accident. So Sorry!

Hyperspace for Alison

Jannette Was Having a Quiet Day. Till She Saw The Car Was Driving Itself!

Skater Boys Discover the Ninja Car

Good Looking Couple in a Good Looking Car.
It's ALL GOOD for Christmas!

Tesla is Everything Now, As Requested by Three Musicians

Hyperspace Steals Passenger Sunglasses

What Is Your Favorite Trick?

Talk About Makeup Interrupted. Is This Car is Driving Itself?

Welcome to My Delorean. Yes It Drives Itself!

Emerging from a Bushwalk, a Spaceship Came to Collect Us

It's Like a Helicopter!

Passenger in Uber With No Driver. Wonders If It Was All Just a Dream

Cool Couple in a Cool Tesla

My Tesla Has Wings & Dances the Tango. Thanks for flying!

Tesla Tango: How to Get Ahead in Life.. With Tesla

Airport Ride - Flying Tesla Class

Byron Bay Family So Amazed By Tesla. Tell 'em They Are Dreaming!

Hyperspace for Simone. Please Stop Being an Annoying Brother!

Beautiful Souls in a Beautiful Car

Show Me The Self Driving Car. Surely Not?!

How Long Till You Realise You Are Travelling In a Self Driving Car?

The Man Who Won't be Moved. Even in a Tesla.

When Your Uber Driver Takes Nap Too
(Don't Try This At Home)

My Love Language Is Tesla

Tesla Brings a Thousand Pretty Smiles

You Can't Snooze in a Tesla Surely?

AutoPilot: Better than Sleepy, or Speeding drivers. The Future is NOW!

Fleetwood Mac Dreams. Am I dreaming? What is this car!!

Actually Hitting People With My Tesla Helps Show EV's Are Well... Different!

Please Daddy. I Want a Tesla. And I Want It NOW!

The Future is NOW!

No, I Was Talking To My Car, Not You!

Farting Tesla. Let's Just Get Rid Of The Gas Already... OK?!

Is it Good to Drive? Are you Even Driving?

Hot Couple Ride a Hot Tesla

My Husband Said Self Driving is 10yrs Away. Oh, Wait. Is This Car Self Driving Now?

Surprise! Upgraded to a Self Driving Uber Luxury

Unsurprised! Not Everyone is Amazed by a Self Driving Tesla

Blond Blogger Blown Away by Tesla Hyperspace

Got Some Balls For An Electric Car. Tesla-Zing!

Don't Let Him See Your Eyes Jasmine! A Little Self Driving Freakout

Actually Falling Asleep While (Not) Driving a Tesla

Please talk to Your Driver, So He Doesn't Fall Asleep!

Uber Pool in Action. Riding with Strangers

No Reaction Challenge! Can You Express No Surprise By Travelling in The Future?

Hang On!... Are You Actually Driving This Car? Or NOT!

Self Driving Cars Are Scary. Oh Wait. Is This Car Self Driving Now?

Like a Spaceship. Can We Ask Daddy to Get One?

Scaring Passengers but Completely Changing Minds. Self driving EV's are the FUTURE!

Does It Have Auto Driving? OMG What IS This Car?

Hyperspace with Slava from Evee: Electric Car Rentals

Heard of Self Driving But Didn’t Think It Was a Thing.
Welcome to the Future!

Like a Roller Coaster. 0-60 km/hr in one second. Wheeeeee!

That's Incredible. That's Just So Teslariffic!

That Would Change The World

Tesla Car or the Celebrity. Which is More Famous?!

Tesla Goes To Sapphire Beach. Far Away In Time

Yes, It Drives itself. (Oh My God!)

Giggling Audiologists Laugh at Friends Who Only Got a BMW Uber

I am speechless. This Tesla Has Literally Taken Away My Ability To Speak!

It's Like Magic! Shopping in a Tesla

Self Driving Cars are Definitely the Future. Or Are They Already Here?

So Excited to be in a Tesla

Can This Car Actually Dance? Tesla Performs So Well It Earns a Big Tip!

Grocery Shopping in a Rideshare Tesla

They Heard But Don't Realise Self Driving Cars Are Here Now. My Mission: SHOW Them!

Electric Cars Are Even Quicker Than Petrol!

Selina Gushes Tesla. Learns of Tesla Tours Big Mission! Raise Awareness. Fun, Safe. Here NOW!

But Can Your Uber Flap It's Wings?

Hyperspace for Carhood

Iceberg Yuppies Ride Home - Tesla Class of Course!

Pregnant Woman Enjoys World's Safest Ride.
Very Excited!

Random Strangers Want to Join Your Tesla Uber Ride

STOPPED BY POLICE - For Not Driving My Self-Driving Car

I Heard About Self Driving Cars, But Never Knew They Were Here Already Though!

Youngest Tesla Tour
Customer Ever: 5yrs!

How do you spell
T E S L A?

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These are special themes which capture different aspects of life with a Tesla to surprise and delight unsuspecting passengers

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #1

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #2

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #3

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #4

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #5

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #6

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #7

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #8

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #9

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #10

Am I really in a
Self Driving car? #11

First Impressions of the Tesla SpaceShip

Doesn't Everyone Shake Hands with their Uber Driver? Or Only in a Tesla?!

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